Do you provide custom orders? 

Occasionally we will advertise for custom orders and have the capability to provide custom orders. These types of orders are only offered however when we have the capacity to process them. Custom orders can take months to design, prepare, calculate and/or test the item prior to production. Therefore we will provide a link on our site for customers to sign up for custom orders. Not all orders may be accepted, it is at the discretion of Not Just Boards, LLC to accept which custom orders to pursue. 


What if my item has a defect in it?

Majority of wood begins with defects in it already. While there are numerous ways to avoid, remove or negate defective pieces of wood, not all defects are present to the eye at the beginning of production. During the process we will take every precaution to remove any defects from the item, however if we are unable to we will address it and make it known. We prefer to get out in front of any issues that may arise post production. We do this by accepting the defect within the wood and working with it as best to either incorporate it safely and/or accentuate it to produce a truly one of a kind item. Often we will use an epoxy product to fill a defect or void which by nature will strengthen the bond and produce a better product. Even though the wood may have had a defect within it, we have created a more beautiful, stronger and better product by acknowledging the defect and incorporating it into the design of the item. We believe that this process produces a better product which is even more attractive and provides a sense of integrity in what we do and how we represent ourselves. If you still believe that your item is truly defective, please contact us so that we may discuss the specifics with you personally. 


Why the restocking fee?

The vast majority of the boards we sell are unique and/or one of a kind boards. The board that you see pictured in the online store is the actual board that you will receive. Therefore in order to resell the board, assuming it’s still in good nick, we would need to unbox it, either refinish or rebuff the board, re-inventory it, box it up again and ship it out. All these small steps require both material and labor cost. This fee will help cover some of, but not all of the costs associated with this process. 

Why must I notify you prior to returning the item(s)?

It's important that you notify us prior to returning your item so that we can deduce whether or not we will accept the item. Damaged items where the cause of damage is easily determined to be the responsibility of the shipping company, need not be sent back, so long as there is clear photographic evidence to support the claim. Prior notification also provides us the opportunity to begin the shipping claims process within the required window of time, 7 days from being received by the customer. Finally we may not always be available to accept returned items, and by providing us a ‘heads-up’ helps us manage our time better to serve you. 

Why is return shipping on the customer?

Again, the boards that we sell are unique or one of a kind, they’re not mass produced. Each item we sell has been carefully planned and executed with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. There is a considerable amount of work that goes into each item we create including the labor, the design process and in some cases, perfecting the product. Once the item is created, the cost to ship is calculated based on the shipping requirements. Majority of the items we sell already have subsidized shipping due to the weight and dimensions of the package. Having to cover shipping costs both to and from the recipient would not be economical, otherwise we would have to raise our rates or the cost of our products in order to incorporate these and other costs. 

Why do you not accept returns on sale items, custom orders or gift cards?

Similar to shipping, these items are already subsidized, discounted or custom ordered for a specific customer. It would not be economical for us to devalue these items any further than they already are. 


Why can’t I return my damaged item for a refund? 

It is very unfortunate that we have been put in this position whereby we cannot accept damaged items for a return. It is well known not only in our industry but in others as well that there are patrons who will purposefully damage their items specifically to obtain their full cash refund. As stated previously, the majority of our items are unique and/or one of a kind and therefore if the item is damaged we will be unable to resell it even if it is returned to us.